STEM Education

In support of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education, we at the GRILL® are working to develop a robust toolkit of high school level STEM content for schools and teachers for use in the classroom, after school, or during independent research activities.

The teachers, students, and mentors created this content to guide and scaffold instruction for students. Our materials include challenge problems, curriculum guides, and exemplars created by students.  Any and all feedback regarding your experiences with the materials is welcome.
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Our intent is to develop a proactive user community for education and training. As such, these materials are provided free of charge and cannot be sold. Contact us if you have any issues with the content or if you would like to share any supplemental materials that you develop. Note: Software releases may render certain content obsolete (e.g., steps detailed within tutorials).

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Challenge Problems

Encourage students to develop solutions to real world problems.  Begin with a description of a need, focus on the process as well as the problem, and help students learn about modeling and other topics.  Challenge problems include materials such as implementation guides for teachers, statement of the problem, and step by step tutorials.

Curricula & Teacher Resources

Provide materials for teachers and students to use during part or all of a semester on topics relevant to STEM education.  Materials include implementation guides for teachers, specific lessons and activities, and student handouts.  Contact us if you are interested in pilot testing the in-development curriculum guides.

Student Exemplars

A collection of a variety of simulations, virtual environments, 3D models, and other solutions created by high school students. The exemplars provide example solutions to challenge problems, and also demonstrate just how much students can achieve using technology to solve real world problems.