The GRILL Receives Cesium Certification

GRILL Staff  |  October 11, 2022  |  Hyperlink

The GRILL (Gaming Research Integration for Learning Lab) has received Cesium certification. We were among the first Cesium Certified developers. We have worked with Cesium in the past with our OpenDIS plugin for Unreal Engine and Unity Engine.

We're proud to be among the first Cesium Certified Developers. Learn more about Cesium's new program and join us in growing the 3D geospacial ecosystem. 

About The GRILL

The Gaming Research Integration for Learning Lab® (GRILL®) is a part of AFRL. We’re focused on research and development to evaluate and apply commercial, academic, and government game-based modeling and simulation technologies. Our mission is to conduct training research, integration, and evaluation efforts that demonstrate how these technologies can be used to increase the operational efficiency and effectiveness of education and training for our Airmen and Guardians and to advance workforce development and STEM. We also publish and present our findings in collaboration with other researchers and practitioners to help advance gaming modeling and simulation use cases and applications.  For more information, visit: