View some of our key videos and presentations.

Parachute Simulator

Originally created by students, the parachute simulator has been updated by the engineers for training use by the SERE School.

HoloLens Demo

Demonstration video describing the HoloLens and its usefulness to the USAF.

Future Leaders

Be inspired by two Tri-Village high school students who, with little experience in M&S, built a model of a school with a fire escape simulation in just eight weeks.

Believe in Ohio

The GRILL® at the Wright Brothers Institute allows us to put technology directly into the hands of students to support STEM education and Warfighter technology.

Summer Internship

High school, undergraduate, and graduate students are exposed to cutting edge Air Force technology and research. “Students at WPAFB gaming research lab show off work” broadcast by WHIO.

Excited about STEM

High school students built RC cars to race at the Full Throttle STEM® day, and learned about STEM, leadership, and teamwork during the process.


Students collaborated with mentors to build an instructional training simulation tool to train United States Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine (USAFSAM) critical care air transport (CCATT) students on the MedSystem III © IV pump.

Fire Evacuation Simulation

Students conducted a hands-on evaluation of four game engines by building building a school with a staircase, script fire, smoke, alarm sounds, and people evacuating.